Wednesday, April 13

Extreme Couponers! (I am so jealous!)

Want to coupon better?! So do I! I seem to do okay, but there HAS GOT to be a way to do better. I'm convinced southern states have the best grocery stores.

Utah has THE WORST couponing Ive ever seen! None of our stores that I have shopped at have double coupon days, only one store lets you "stack coupons" with their coupons and they have to mail you the coupons (which I've yet to see any in the mail) and only Wal-Mart lets you compare prices with an ad, and they NEVER put stuff on sale. DUMB! Plus I swear stores out here purposefully do not put the items on sale that have manufacturer coupons out, this saving you nothing!

Well lucky us, TLC has a new show out! EXTREME COUPONING!!!!

I'm really hoping one of these women is from Utah and help me save even more than i i know how to now!

Check out this link for some great ideas and videos on how to become an "extreme couponer".

And don't forget to tune in tonight to their show!

***p.s. did you know that SAM'S CLUB and COSTCO take coupons?! It's true. I do it all the time.


  1. thanks.. i didn't know Sam's took coupons! That'll be nice.
    P.S.. if you want lots of cool ideas (craft and otherwise), become a fan of on facebook. It's an LDS site, and every day she posts lots of fun links to craft and remodeling blogs - that's how I find a lot of my favorite ideas. Do it! Or at least check out her page. :)

  2. I've tried using coupons at sams and they wouldn't let me. They said they had their own store coupon incentive program and wouldn't take manufacturing coupons...

    Oh by the way. The show extreme couponing isn't worth your time. One of the main blogs I follow expressed the following:
    First pretty much everything you saw tonight can’t be done in most grocery stores.

    * They will not let you check out for 5 hours and do 18 transactions back to back, and nor should they.
    * The lady shopping in the Kroger store in Houston lives in an area that will actually no longer double coupons starting next Wednesday.
    * Most stores have a limit on the number of like item coupons they will accept or a limit on the number of like coupons they will double. (We will see Bi-Lo break their own policy for this in a few weeks on another episode).
    * Many coupons are starting to have limits written on them “per transaction” and “per customer”.
    * Very few stores double items past their value (i.e. you buy a 60¢ product but they double to $1). The one big store in the south that has done this, Publix, is even updating their systems to no longer allow it. Remember stores pay for the doubling on coupons so there is no reason for them to do this.

    Realize that stores view this as press, and they are willingly and knowingly breaking their own policies so that you will see how much you can save if you shop with them. To me this is a BAD idea. Now they (and all of us) will spend the next sixth months re-educating folks on what the real policies are.

    "Hope this helps"

  3. wow! Thanks Heather!!! I can't believe they will change their own policies just to get on tv! That's awful! I have watched it a few times and it does seem unreal. Most people use by one get one free coupons and wind up with 200 toothbrushes.

    As for Sams, it must be selective by store. We have mainly done it for baby items such as infamil, gerber, and pampers brands, but it has always worked for us. They can’t take the amount off of your total, but they do add up the amount from the coupons and give us cash back on the spot.
    Very interesting!