Friday, April 29

from tile to ???

In my previous post, i had a picture of a couple of these cute little things, promising to show you something fun i thought up. Well I'll give you a hint....

1) They go on tables
2) You can sit your sweet (herbal/caffeine free) tea or hot chocolate on them
3) They are COASTERS!

Okay, maybe i gave it away

When we moved into our house last year, the seller left a really nice, expensive (albeit very "cabin-ish") dining table and chairs. And although it wasn't exactly to our taste, or decor, to keep it in good condition we needed some coasters so we didn't get ring stains. I looked EVERYWHERE for some cute coasters that weren't too expensive. My friend and I were at home depot and came across these tiles!

9 for about 4 bucks!

Well I didn't like the natural grey color so after a lot of different color decisions, Justun (the husband) picked out this nice light brown tannish color. FOR 2 BUCKS!

They have these sample containers all ready-made and they cap is a brush when you unscrew it! PERFECT! (FYI, one container covers 9 square feet)

I painted all of my tiles with 2 coats each

Be very careful, i don't know if one had a crack or I am just a klutz or what but it broke so I was down to 8.

After i painted them, they looked great, but were just plain boring brown. I had some leftover black vinyl from a Halloween project last year, and decided I would add some kick -A design. You could go the hard way and cut it yourself using scissors or an exacto knife OR you could become best friends with someone who owns a Cricut! I chose the latter. -- By the way, we were friends BEFORE she got the Cricut. No, i am not using her! We really are best friends!

I couldn't choose just 1 design, so I opted for 2

cute damask design

"M" for our last name


After we cut the designs out, I applied them on top of the painted tile.

Then I applied 3 coats of modge-podge (let it dry between coats) This gives it a nice smooth clear finish

VIOLA! All finished!


The breakdown:

tiles = 4 bucks

brown paint = 2 bucks

vinyl = I had some laying around but initially it was 10 bucks, i only used half so really 5 bucks

modge-podge= 8 bucks but I used only 1 buck worth and can save the rest

TOTAL= 12 bucks

Divide that by 8 and it's only 1.50/tile. Not too bad for something you love!

I know the numbers aren't exact, but the key is always to try to make it as cute as you can, by making it as inexpensive as possible. The best way i can do this is by using what I have.

The only things I didn't have were the tile and the paint so this time I only really spent 6 dollars and i really love the coasters and was able to make them my own!

I'm still trying to find a cute way to display them so until then, here they are!


  1. Doesn't the modge podge get tacky when it gets wet?

  2. Hmmm. Mine doesn't. I got the "made for furniture" kind so you can actually wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

  3. I've also seen coasted made on those little tile by taking some cute scrapbook paper you like and cut it to size and then modge podge. I like the vinyl idea though but don't have anyone with cricuts close

  4. I have a cricut and have made these kinds of coaster. I love them. Jake has made the side tables in our living room and is a nut about keeping them in perfect condition. He had me glue cork to the bottom side of the tiles so the tiles would not scratch up the wood. Just thought I would let you know. Keep up this blog! I love it!!!

  5. Heather: that would be a really good idea too! Ive tried paper on top wood to make blocks. It turned out cute but somehow I have to figure out to keep it from bubbling up. It never stays flat for me?!

    Sariah! Thanks! Cork is a great idea too! I posted this at about 1am and forgot to put that I had small round felt stick ons I added to the bottom! Maybe I should post when I'm not so tired! Lol. I'm glad you like reading it! :)