Sunday, April 10

getting to know you! err... me!

okay so I think my problem was that I am on a Mac. And it's huge. So not only am I not dealing with "windows", the actual window that I am on is so big, that it's throwing things off. I am going to pray to the heavens that whomever is reading this, does not see a huge black bar at the top. If you do, please tell me! Also, please help me figure out how to make it disappear...

So, moving right along.... A little bit about me. I probably don't have enough time to blog, but I'm going to. And hopefully often. And probably while I'm at work. Don't worry, I get my work done! You will be relieved to know that I have not always "pinched my pennies". I was a paycheck to paycheck kinda gal up until I met my husband. Well actually up until we tied the knot, and even then I was reluctant to learn new ways. We got married in Tennessee where I lived, then on our way out to Utah, we stopped in at a bank in Illinois that I had previously used, to close my account and collect what I thought would be several hundred dollars that had been earning interest, only to find out that a certain un-named gym (Murfreesboro Athletic Club) had been pulling out monthly instalments for a membership that I had been guaranteed ended 5 months back. As you can guess, we left owing about 300 hundred dollars in overdraft charges, thus handing over ALL of the cash that we had gotten in our pretty Hallmark wedding cards. After crying over it for several minutes, I wiped my tears and put on my hindsight 20/20 glasses and figured I could learn a few things about saving.

After 4 years of marriage and lessons from a money nazi (or so I thought for the first few of our hitched years) I am confident when i say I am now an avid wallet watcher who still enjoys crafting, eating, being the mommy, and wifey-ing it up!

And for a little bit of trivia... my husband and I have lived in 4 different apartments, bought 3 cars, paid for 2 years of college, and purchased our 1st house AND neither one of us has had a credit card. EVER. Not even to Target or ANYTHING! And we still dont. That's something to be proud of I reckon.

I used to be a little peeved at the hubs when I couldn't buy certain things I wanted, but now I'm grateful for it every day.

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