Tuesday, May 10

Can you spot the differences?! (kitchen)

There are 5! I wish I could say my cabinets and handles are one of them, but that is a whole 'nother time and post.

Hint... the fact that I am missing paper towels is NOT one of them. We need to make a Costco run...

** Also, click on the picture to make a new window, then click on the picture to make it bigger!**


  1. nice you got rid of the decals. What about in your upstairs bathroom?

  2. There is something new in the window. Does that count?

  3. good job friends! Yes, those ugly flowers are gone from the walls! The oven is a new electric one! YAY!! And yes, Kaelea, it does! lol It's my raspberry plant Justun got me for mothers day! :)

    only one left! then I'll post how we paid for all the changes. next project... cabinets!