Friday, May 13

glazing PART TWO!

Just like the headboard.... but not!

One day my friend Jess and were shopping and although we went to the DI for something else, we found this AW.FUL. mirror for 8 bucks so I had to have it!

I must have deleted the pictures of how it looked just white (no glaze) after painting it. But VIOLA! Here she is all painted and glazed and everything! I chose white because I sort of wanted it to match the bed and the colors in the room it's going in are black, white, and red...

My flash was on so that's why its sort of really bright looking! Also, between trying to not get myself in it, or any shadows, or the construction of the rest of the room... these are the best angles I could get

As soon as it's hung, and the room is put back together, I'll post pictures of the whole room!

The End!

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