Friday, May 13


You guys guessed 3, NICE!

If you didn't read the comments, here were the differences...

1) Those UGLY UGLY UGLY stenciled early 90's flowers have disappeared, YAY!!! Justun ran wires for something or another a while back, and had to drill out a piece of the wall, so we took it to Home Depot and the did a paint match on it. 4 bucks later, we had enough to patch some nail holes and cover the stencils!

2) There was a pot on the window! I've been dreaming of one day having a plethora of raspberries in our back yard, so Justun got me a raspberry plant for Mother's Day! It gets watered and gets great sun there... at least for now. Soon we will be transplanting it outside.

3) We got a new range/oven/stove!!! Long story short, the old one had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel since it was built in 91, so it was no surprise when it started beeping like a fire alarm, the month after we bought our house. After 8 months of arguing with our Home Owners warranty company, they finally cut us a check for a new one! We paid out of pocket about 50 extra bucks to get this nice stainless steel smooth top one, plus a few extra dollars for Justun to convert our hookups from gas to electric (I know, he is AWESOME). It's so much nicer and easier to clean!

4) There is a clock on the wall now! I got that a few years ago at Robert's for 6 bucks. I know it doesn't match the red, but little by little we are replacing red things and lots of other things in our open floor plan are orange so it looks okay! Trust me!

5) I fixed the faux wood drawer under the sink. I'll embarrass myself by telling you I broke it by pulling on it thinking it would be like our friends whose comes out and has a little spot for sponges, etc. It was a quick fix and is still not a drawer, but next time we go to home depot, I'm going to make sure it we get the parts so it will be!

hopefully in the next few months we can save enough money for the supplies to redo our cabinets! This oak is just killing me! And the white handles!

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